TBD 2202B Landun Lightbar

TBD 2202B Landun Lightbar

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Tech Spec Landun TBD 2202B LightBar


TBD-2000 Strobes Tubes Series

Streamline appearance. The lamp-house adopts two high-quality halogen-tungsten bubls as shooting light, four as flash light and eight-efficiency xenon lamp tubes as explosive flash light. The strong lights sent out from all directions can transfer signals correcly even on exremely jumbled occasions. The product adopts stainless steel, aluminium alloy and PC material, which makes it durable and reduces it’s weight.

The product not only has waterproof, dust-proof and weather-resistant structures, but also water discharge design. Hence, it’s accostomed to tempest, chilliness and intense heat. It’s applicable to police wagon, fire engine, ambulance, mobile machinery shop and on speedways for danger signals indication.

As it’s outline and lamp-house have multiple functions, so users can choose proper type according to different vehicles and places

Landun Lightbar is a trademark by Landun and distributed by CentralAuto.

We are number one brand of lightbar in Indonesia. Landun Lightbar distribution covers all part of Indonesia. For more information visit our website Centralauto.co.id and Landun.co.id

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Landun Lightbar adalah distributor dan brand lampu polisi nomor satu di Indonesia. Centralauto menjual berbagai macam lampu polisi, pusat lampu led untuk polisi dan patroli, pusat strobe lightbar di Indonesia, pusat distributor lampu rotator polisi dan lampu rotator patwal, pusat lightbar dan sirine Indonesia.

Landun Indonesia bekerja sama dengan armada kepolisian Indonesia dan armada Jasa Marga serta industri karoseri terkemuka di Indonesia dalam hal penyediaan dan pemasangan lampu patroli, lampu patwal, lampu LED polisi, lampu Strobe Beacon, lampu Rotator Lightbar, sirine polisi, sirine patwal, lampu strobe lightbar, lampu polisi dan lampu patwal atau patroli.





Tech Spec Landun TBD 2202B LightBar

Model: TBD-2202B/F
Power: 272W
Light Source: STROBE TUBES
Lens Source: RED/RED
Speaker: Avalable
NW: 13.5KG
GW: 15.5KG
Power: 1260 x 385 x 245
QTY per Carton: 1